How to Cook a Honey Bunnies Cocktail

Honey bees have been pollinating our flowers for thousands of years.Honey bees are the primary pollinators of many native species, including the common bumblebee, and their honey is the most widely consumed food source in the world.As honey bees continue to be under attack from a wide range of pests, their honey production is alsoRead More

Why is the jessica a honey straw?

In the United States, honey is a popular source of sweetener for the consumer.But honey straws have a darker history than we might imagine.In the US, jessicas have long been used for their medicinal qualities.The name comes from the Latin meaning “jesponium,” which means “stem,” according to Wikipedia.The honey straw is made from the seedsRead More

When Did the Honey Badger Become an NFL Legend?

When did the honey badgers become an NFL legend?We don’t have the answers to that question yet, but we can do better than simply taking a look at their birth date.The birth date is one of the more confusing things to find when looking for the birth date of a mascot.It’s a little tricky toRead More

How to Make Honey Trap Eggs in a Jar

I was so excited to try the Honey Trap.I know what you’re thinking, “It looks like a really weird thing to do with honey.”Yes, it does look like a weird thing.You’re right.But I promise you that honey trap eggs look really, really cute.The honey trap looks like this: First, we need to make the honeyRead More


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