How Honeycombs Are Killing the Honey Bee

Honeycombers are the most prolific pest of honeybees.The pollinators are in a constant state of hibernation, but honeybees have adapted to this by developing a new method of survival that involves surviving without food and water.This adaptation has meant honeycombs are being increasingly used for biofuel, and they are now also being used as foodRead More

Why did the Honey Girl get blonde hair?

TUPELO honey cafe is now a hair salon with a hair stylist and a hair coach, as the popular honey blonde hair trend continues to thrive in the Irish capital.The cafe is one of several across the country that have become hotbeds for the hair trend.The business is popular with young people, with some goingRead More

How to make the honey mustard salmon recipe with honey wheat

Honey mustard salmon is the best dish on the menu.You could argue that it’s better than anything on the market.It has a subtle, sweet, tangy flavor.Honey mustard can also be made with honey, and it’s made with a very simple process.First, you’ll need some fresh ginger.Ginger is a traditional spice to make spicy food.Then, youRead More

How to get a honey discount for 2018

The honeymoon honeymoon of the 2018 season is almost over.But not for Honeywell’s honey.The company announced on Thursday that it would cut off sales of honey from the grocery store shelves starting in the second quarter.The honey maker said it will not sell the sweet treat in its stores or its online stores.The move comesRead More

How to make the best of the best in honey

Best manuka butter and honey are the best choices to make at your next meal, according to experts who have been studying the food and drink.When it comes to the honey component of manuka oil, the experts believe it comes in the form of a thick, dense, and viscous substance.Its not the honey itself thatRead More

What’s next for the Honeypot?

Honey pot company Honeypot is now selling the first ever Honeypot, a product that lets you buy and sell honey without having to pay a bank.This is the latest move in a long-term strategy to make it easier for the general public to buy and consume honey, as well as for people who do businessRead More


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