How to make Honey-N-Butter Pretzels

Honey-butter pretzel is a classic, and it’s always a hit with kids.However, it’s often considered a low-calorie and gluten-free option.These vegan and low-carb options are perfect for any time of year, and are also low in calories and carbs.If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, you can try these vegan and ketogenic-friendly pretzles.IfRead More

How to save on honey after a honey price slump

If you haven’t been keeping up with the honey price fall, it’s been happening over the last few weeks.Honey is the lifeblood of the Australian honey industry.It’s the primary commodity for most farmers.But as the price of global commodity prices have been dropping, so have prices of honey.And as we’ve discussed in this space before,Read More

How much is honey worth to a cat?

It may sound like a pet peeve of ours but there are some cats who will eat your honey, and even the ones that have it to eat! “Honey is the most popular pet food of all time,” explains one expert.“The best known brand is Honey Bee.It’s the first brand that I’ve ever heard of thatRead More

What honey is and how it works

Honey, which is the third most popular food in the world, is actually a derivative of a sugar alcohol called sucrose, which was first used as a sugar in sugar cane in the 1700s.Sugar alcohols are not only widely used as sweeteners in food, but also as the main ingredient in a range of productsRead More


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