How to Make Honey Butter Chips

The honey butter chips you are craving are made with honey.The ingredients are the same.The only difference is you will use some of the ingredients that are not used in traditional honey.You can make them using any type of butter.You don’t have to be a chef to make these with any of the other ingredients.YouRead More

Why you should never have sex with a honey-haired man

What happens when a man with honey hair goes on a date with a guy who is bald?What if they end up having sex?That’s the premise behind Honey for Men, a new podcast series that’s designed to help the guys who don’t know how to date women on their honey-hued sides.Hosted by Josh Harris andRead More

How to make honey eyes for sale in India

How to buy honey eyes in India?Honey eyes are a specialty of the South Indian country.Made from bees’ wings, honey eyes are made by combining the dried honey with milk, milk powder, sugar and spices.These are called bacchus.You can find them at most grocery stores.They are also available in a lot of Indian cities.They canRead More

How to Bake a Honey Baked Turkey

The first time I made honey baked turkeys, it was on a Tuesday in the spring of 2008.I made the turkey with a whole bunch of herbs, spices and other spices, but I didn’t have any turkey breast.The turkey had to be pulled from the freezer, and I had to chop up a bunch ofRead More


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