How to make a honey comb out of the hive

The honeycomb is a form of hive construction which was developed by Charles and Elizabeth Webb as a way to keep the hive together.The hive was originally a type of flocks of bees which were divided into groups of 10 or more, and the bees had to be kept together.This way the bees could beRead More

When did honey wine become a honey drink?

The term “honey wine” is now widely used by chefs, bar owners, and wine makers.In fact, it is one of the terms used in a survey published in 2017 by the Wine Council of Australia.The report showed that in 2017, around 2.6 million Australians aged 20 and over were drinking honey wine.That is almost aRead More

How to make Honey Coma popcorn

Honey comas are the only known form of intoxication in which the user will become fully awake and aware at the same time, with a very strong and pronounced sense of intoxication.They are often seen in the form of comas or coma-like symptoms that resemble the effects of alcohol.In the case of honey comas, however,Read More

The ‘Mad Honey’ is the best honey you’ll ever eat

Honey is everywhere.The honey is in everything.Honey is in your hair.Honey, it’s in your nose.Honey makes your nails shine.Honey in your eyes.Honey on your face.Honey as an ice cream.Honey at the movies.Honey you’re eating.Honey your kids’ faces.Honey for breakfast.Honey and chocolate.Honey from your mom.Honey everywhere.Honey the unicorn.Honey chicken china.Mad honey.The best honey I’ve ever eaten.Mad?HoneyRead More

How to find the best honey bees for honey production

Honey bees, or the bees that pollinate the flowers of many different plants, are a key part of beekeeping and the world’s largest pollinator.But the bees’ role in the pollination process can be a bit more complicated than it sounds.Honeybees are known to lay their eggs and then lay their own brood for years onRead More

How to treat your honey babies

When it comes to honey, the best is yet to come.So what does that mean for you and your baby?For starters, you need to make sure your honey is sweetened to your liking.Honey can be sweetened with just one ingredient: honey, but if you’re like many people, you’ll need more than that to get yourRead More

American honey whiskey: How to make it from scratch

You don’t have to have an American-made product to enjoy the American honey spirit, a.k.a. maple syrup, as a sweetener.It’s available in most American grocery stores, including Kroger, Target, Safeway and CVS.It also is available at many other restaurants and at some health food stores.American honey can be a great substitute for maple syrup inRead More


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