Honey sticks are ‘miss honey’ for many of Ireland’s young people

THE Irish Times is reporting that many of the country’s young adults are struggling to find enough honey for their meals and are looking to sell their products to help pay for their next meal.

The report, by the Irish Times, has revealed that many young people are finding it difficult to make ends meet, as the economy is slowing and many people are not working as much as they used to.

The paper has revealed in recent years that the price of honey has risen dramatically.

It has also revealed that honey sticks are now more expensive than other products in many areas.

The Irish Times reports that the prices of honey sticks have gone up by over 30 per cent in recent months.

Some young people also found it difficult not to break the law by selling their products, including by selling fake medical instruments to cover the cost of the product.

Honeystick prices have risen at an average of 30 per 100,000 people.

In some parts of Ireland, prices have jumped by almost 70 per cent.

The Irish Times says that the government needs to do more to help people who are unable to make a living by selling products such as honey sticks.

The article states that some young people, especially those in the rural communities, are selling products which they are not able to sell.

It also says that a number of products such of a sugar cane bar, sugar cane and cane syrup products, which are produced in rural areas, are being used to pay for school fees.


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