When the honey badgers return to Ireland after three years away

When the beekeepers returned to Ireland, they had no idea the honeybadgers were about to come back to the country.

The beekeepers were looking for an alternative to pesticides and herbicides, so they used the honeybees as a replacement for their crops.

But now the honey bees are returning, and the honey is in a different state of decay.

“We’ve been in Ireland for three years, we’ve had no pesticides, no herbicides,” said Fiona Murphy, a beekeeper.

“It’s been a bit of a shock, I’ve been here for almost three years and we haven’t seen a bee anywhere.”

They have been coming to the fields and it’s a very sad thing for them, it’s like they’ve left, they don’t come back.

“In fact, the honey has already started to fall apart.”

I was walking around the grounds in the summer, and it was just amazing to see, they were just so beautiful and so soft,” Ms Murphy said.”

In a couple of years they’ll be nothing but honey and then they’ll just be nothing.

“Her friend, Mary O’Reilly, has been a beekeeping expert for decades, but this year she started to notice a different trend.”

You’re going to see a lot of people coming back and I don’t think I’ve seen it like this in the last three years,” Ms O’ Reilly said.

The honey beekeepers are coming back because they are using the bees as a substitute for their own crops.”

A lot of farmers are doing this because they don´t want to use the pesticides and have to have all of these pesticides, they are not happy to use them, they know that they’re not doing anything to help the bees,” she said.

Ms Murphy and Ms O�Reilly have set up a petition calling for the bees to be allowed to return to their country.”

There is a lot going on in Ireland right now that we are seeing more and more of,” Ms Munro said.

It has already been signed by more than 300 people.

The pollinator has already made its way back to Ireland.

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