Manuka honey makes a comeback after being banished from supermarkets for more than a decade

A British man who once ate the honey produced by the Manuka mushroom has made a comeback with a honey glazed seafood recipe that some say makes a good addition to grilled fish.

A post on a popular online forum for Manuka farmers called Manuka Honey has attracted more than 4,500 comments since the first recipe was posted in December.

The popular forum for the mushroom, which has become a tourist attraction in Britain, calls for the use of the fungus in making sauces, marinades, dips and breads.

It is also home to recipes for honey mustard, honey glaze salmon and manuka berry.

“I’ve never been to the Manukas but they’re a wonderful food,” said the man, who does not want to be named.

“They’re rich in protein and vitamins, they’re rich with minerals and they’re great for skin.”

He said he first ate the Manuku honey when he was a child and that it is now one of his favourite foods.

“It’s a very rich and nourishing mushroom that is a great source of nutrients,” he said.

He added that he likes it as a topping to fish, with its salty taste and it also adds some sweetness.

“They’re a really nutritious food and they also have lots of vitamins, minerals, minerals that are beneficial for people with arthritis and diabetes,” he added.

The forum is also a home for Manukans farmers who produce their own honey for their market.

A spokeswoman for Manuys Manuka Farm Association said they were working with local growers and suppliers to create a more healthy, sustainable and affordable alternative to the commercial honey produced from the mushrooms.

“The Manukan honey market is a global leader in providing high quality products for the market, which include fresh honey, dried honey and honey-based products,” the spokeswoman said.

“Whilst Manuka mushrooms are a valuable commodity for consumers and producers, the demand for Manusha honey is increasing and it is essential that we maintain our position as a sustainable, sustainable food source.”

To ensure Manuka growers continue to meet the needs of our local communities, we have recently taken steps to reduce our honey and produce more sustainable products.

“She said there was a lack of honey in the market and she was working to improve the availability of the crop.

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