Why do we eat honey?

Honey is one of the oldest fruits in the world, growing to be more than 50 million years old.

But like all fruits, honey has been eaten by people for a long time, dating back to the dawn of agriculture, when it was a common source of sweet food in parts of Africa.

Today, we eat about three billion kilograms of honey a year.

It is a very important foodstuff.

Honey is a major component of the diet of many animals, including humans.

But honey is also important to many plants and animals.

And, as it’s produced by bees, it is also produced by other animals too.

For instance, the honey bee eats about a third of its diet.

So honey is important to all of our food chains.

It’s a good source of nutrition for the bee, the plants and the animals that depend on it.

The food chain includes plants and plants-and-herbivores and animals-and bees.

There are many different kinds of honey, but we all know of the three most important types, the dark honey, the white honey and the pale honey.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the history of honey.

Honey history: The origin of the honey plant Today, honey is produced mainly by bees.

Bees produce about 30 per cent of the world’s crop yields.

They are the primary producers of the most important honey product in the modern world, the golden honey.

It comes from the flowers of the bee’s colony, the nectar glands.

The other main ingredient is the pollen, which comes from plants.

The pollen is a powdery mass of tiny bits of honey that have been finely ground into a fine powder.

The powder then dries, forming a paste.

The final product is a fruit or a flower.

It tastes like sweet cream or butter.

It makes a fine dust that can be collected for use in making candles.

The honey produced in a hive contains about 80 per cent honey.

But the amount varies with the season.

Winter bees and summer bees produce more honey than the winter ones.

The winter bees are more concentrated and produce honey with a slightly lower concentration.

Honey made from winter bees is called “factory honey”.

Honey made by summer bees is often referred to as “winter honey”.

The difference between the two is that the winter honey has more sugar and more flavour.

The taste of “firm winter honey” is not very pleasant.

And the taste of factory honey is a little sweeter.

However, factory honey has higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, making it easier to digest.

The sweetness of factory Honey is less than that of the winter and summer honey.

So the honey produced from factory honey tastes sweeter than the sweet cream produced from winter honey.

Factory honey is processed for use as a sweetener in the baking industry.

It can be added to the bread, muffins, cakes and cookies you buy in supermarkets, or even used in other foods like cakes and pies.

It may even be used in the production of other food products, such as cookies, crackers, jam, sauces and drinks.

When you buy a packet of honey for the first time, it contains about 15 per cent sugar.

It also contains a small amount of water.

Honey, or the wax of the flowers, has been a very popular source of honey in Western culture for hundreds of years.

It was originally a foodstuff used in Europe, North America and Australasia.

It had been introduced to the New World by European explorers and was used as a cooking and drinking beverage for many centuries.

However the introduction of the cane cane to sugar cane to cane to palm sugar industry in the 1950s made honey a major food commodity in the United States.

The price of honey went up as people became more aware of its health benefits.

In Australia, it was originally sold in packs of three.

Today it is sold in individual packets of two, and in other packages such as the sweet-to-sour mix, which contains a tablespoon of honey with honey and a teaspoon of honey powder.

Honey in Australia is made from the white bees that live in colonies in the southern hemisphere.

The bees collect honey from the pollen and feed it to the nymphs that lay their eggs.

The nymph larvae live in the egg sacs of the adults, until they hatch and grow to adulthood.

Honey from nymphal eggs is then ground into powder, mixed with water, and processed for processing in bakeries.

The sweet-and -sour mixes are also made from this process.

The white bees, however, feed the nephial larvae on the pollen instead of on the naphthalen.

This process allows the nephalen to grow larger and produce more eggs.

It does this by allowing them to collect more pollen and more nectar from the nectars of the flowering plants they eat.

The process can take about seven years.

Once the honey is mixed with honey, it has


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