Honeybee tattoos help boost honey production

By Michael T. DeBoeuf and Rebecca BuhlbeckAssociated PressIt may be difficult to fathom, but honey bees aren’t exactly known for their altruism.

They’re known for spreading disease and pollinating flowers.

But in recent years, they’ve also been used to make a number of products from a variety of foods and beverages.

The first was honey.

It’s no secret that honey is an important source of protein and essential fatty acids, which are needed for heart health.

But now, a new study shows honeybees are working with other species to make honey products from plants that are better at processing carbohydrates, a process known as metabolic conversion.

It could mean the end of the “honey bee” as a popular name for a bee species, according to the study published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study involved honeybees and plants from Brazil and China.

The bees were placed in colonies with two kinds of plants: sugarcane and cotton.

They were allowed to use their mandibles to pick at the sugarcanes or pick up the cotton plants and then drink the honey that they’d produced.

The results of the study showed that the honeybees were better at converting carbohydrates into sugar, the study’s lead author, Daniel Binder, said in a statement.

The honeybees also found the plants to be more efficient than the sugar cane.

They made a better product of sugar by consuming fewer sugarcans, and the honey they produced made better products.

But the sugar produced by the honeybee was different than the cane sugar.

The sugarcannons were rich in sugar and could be used to create honey.

The cotton plants were rich with fiber, which made them good for making fiber-rich products.

The new study also shows that the bees that drank the honey made better honey products with higher sugar content than the bees who drank the sugar.

The findings could mean that we’ll see more people consuming honey that’s made from sugarcanias and cotton, said David Beyer, a researcher at the University of Texas at Austin who has worked on the honey industry for many years.

He’s not surprised by the findings.

Binder said that it’s important to remember that bees have to be trained to eat a certain food or drink in order to make their food.

So the bees would have to learn how to eat honey or drink honey before they could make honey.

He said that the more sugar the bees were consuming, the more valuable the honey.

The researchers said that there’s more work to be done to understand how the honey bees were trained to make the products, but they believe that the results may lead to the honey bee as a viable food and beverage.

The authors of the paper said that future research should focus on how to make sweet and starchy foods from the sugars found in sugarcana and cotton that would also make good honey.


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