What’s your honey?

Honey the cat is one of those rare cats that you can get your hands on in a few days, but its a hardy breed that will take more than a few hours to become a regular fixture in your home.

Its only one cat but its known for a wide range of behaviours, from jumping up on your furniture to sitting on your bed and sleeping on it.

Read more about honeycats:Honey Butter ChickenThis is a cat that you don’t see every day.

The female is called Honey Butter Chicken and its a very cute and friendly cat.

She will come out in the middle of the night and sit on your couch for up to a couple of hours before you see her again.

Its also a cat who loves to lick the floor.

Its a very shy cat so its best to stay away from her when shes not around.

Honey has a sweet personality, so be prepared for some very friendly faces in your house.

Its also a great cat to keep in a cage with you.

Its the most affectionate of the breeds, but a little more laid back than the others.HONEY CHICKENHoney will go out for as long as you let her, but the sooner the better.

Its very easy to get into her head when she’s not looking.

She will start off by licking her tail and jumping up and down on the couch.

This is a very exciting activity for her, and once shes started she will keep on licking until she feels like it’s the best time to lick her.

HoodedCatIf you are looking for a great indoor cat, Hooded Cat is a great choice.

It will come and go from your home, but will only stay for a few minutes at a time.

It loves to be curled up on the sofa and you can let it roam around the room for a couple hours.

Its a very calm cat and its always nice to watch it play.

Its good to keep it inside with you, but if you do leave it alone it will eat your food and drink anything it finds.

Its been known to eat your bed sheets and blankets.HUMANHONEY is a really nice cat.

Its the most playful of the cats and loves to jump up and dance.

Its an active cat and loves exploring, so its good to get it to play with your toys or other furniture.HUNGRYMANHUNG is a little bit of a weird cat, but thats not a bad thing.

Its pretty cute and loves playing around.

Its one of the quietest cats and its very easy for you to take in when it comes out.

Its a great pet to keep as a cat in your living room or in your bed.

Its known for being a good cook and is one cat who will eat almost anything.

Its not very territorial, but when its not around you will often have to put it down.HUFFMANHUFF is a cute cat who likes to be left alone, and its not the most sociable cat.

It is known for it’s playful nature and loves sitting on its side of your bed with you and being petted.

Its good to give this cat a play area where it can wander around and explore for a bit before you leave it.HUMPERHUFF may be one of our favourite cats, but we have to admit that we wouldnt consider it a friend.

Its got a lot of personality and likes being left alone but can be very mean and can get aggressive at times.

Its usually best to leave it in your bedroom, but you can always bring it out if you want to play around.CATS THAT LIKE TO PLAYWith cats that like to play, you will have a lot more opportunities to take them out.

You wont have to worry about them getting too close to other cats, you wont have the problem of them getting bored, and you wont be limited to just a few cats at a table.

Cats that like a good challenge are a great way to keep your home occupied, and this can make them very happy.

Read our tips on cat care tips


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