Honey Creek Resort’s honey creek retreat will be a ‘special event’

The honey creek ski resort in B.C. has decided to put on an event this weekend as a way to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

It will be the second year in a row that the resort will host a special event.

In 2018, guests were able to take part in a snowboard event in its backyard.

The resort has also held snowmobiling competitions, but only this year, the event will be open to the public.

The resort will hold the event Saturday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.y.

It will include a full day of snowboarding and skiing at its four snow courses, including one that runs along the ski resort’s ski run, as well as a snowboarding competition.

The event is expected to attract more than 1,000 visitors and will feature food trucks, food, beverages and other refreshments.

The event will start with a guided snowboarding lesson at the resort’s two snow parks.

The course is located on the edge of the ski run and is accessible by snowmobilers only.

Participants will need to sign up at the visitor centre, which will have information on the course, a map of the area and a guidebook.

The guidebook is also available to download.

There will be free samples of coffee, hot chocolate, hot dogs and other items.

After the lesson, the resort hopes to have some skiers and snowboarders in attendance to help set up the event.

The snowboarding event will take place from 5 to 7:30 p.e. with the final session beginning at 8 p.t.

The Honey Creek Ski Resort in B, Canada, is planning a special celebration for its 50 year anniversary.

(CBC News/Ryan Remiorz)A spokeswoman for the resort said the resort plans to have a large gathering of people on the day of the event and will offer some of the events special treats.

The company is also putting on a snowmobile race at the park’s park, which has been a popular gathering spot for locals.

The spokeswoman said the event is not related to the resort, but will be held on the ski course because the resort is still owned by the same owners.


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