This adorable picture of a honey blonde, wig and glasses will turn heads in a photo shoot

The caption on the photo shoot said: “In this photo, I have the joy of working with the talented actress Honey, and I love her to bits!

I love the honey blonde hair and the wig, so when I’m shooting with her, I always have to have a wig and a lot of makeup.”

The photo was taken at the Bazaar of Flowers in Ottawa, Canada, on October 25, and it shows Honey blonde wig, glasses and a makeup brush with the caption: “I am very excited to be working with Honey, she is so gorgeous!”

The actress has been working with director Justin O’Brien to shoot a music video with the music video’s producer.

The actress’ makeup artist, Amanda Kiely, said the photo was shot with a new product called The Honey & Hair Salon.

“It’s a hair removal cream that’s really gentle and really moisturising,” Kieley said.

“And it’s an easy-to-use product that you can use all over your face, your face and even your body.”

We were talking about what we wanted to get her in her makeup and hair and it just so happened that we were working with her hair stylist, so I was able to give her the help and make sure she was in her hair and make her look her best.

“Ms Kiele added that it was the perfect way to capture the actress’ personality.”

She’s so adorable and so sweet and kind, and you know she is the type of person who’s going to make you laugh,” she said.

Ms Kies hair stylists had been working on Honey blonde hair for months, but it wasn’t until she saw the photo, she said, that she knew it was a good idea to get it professionally done.”

As soon as I saw the hair on the screen, I knew that was it,” she told The National.”

The hair was a very natural looking and perfect.””

We had a lot fun working with this lovely actress,” Kies hairstylist Amanda Kies said.

(ABC News: Katie O’Neill)The actress told The Australian she wanted to shoot her hair in a different way, using a different type of product.”

When we first started with her we were going to have to change a lot because it’s very difficult to do the hair straight, but the hair is very soft, it’s not too rough and smooth, it looks great,” she explained.”

I wanted to try and give her a very different style so I could create her look.

“The Honey &amping; Hair salon in Ottawa is the only hair salon in the world that uses natural hair removal products, Ms Kieles said.


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