How to stop ‘Honey Badger’ meme, and its spread to other social media outlets

Honey Badger meme, or honey badger, is a meme featuring a cartoon image of a dog with a big red nose and ears, accompanied by a caption that reads “You’ve never been so wrong”.

It has been spreading on social media platforms across Australia since at least 2015, after it was first used by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and its sister ABC1 network.

The meme first appeared on the ABC’s Newsroom, which was first launched in November 2014.

On the night of the ABC1 launch, ABC News’ Anna Kournikova posted a link to the meme to her Twitter page, and within 48 hours it had been shared over 4,500 times.

By the next morning, the meme had been trending on Twitter, with people sharing the image and the hashtag #honeybadger, a reference to the character from the sitcom Honey Boo Boo.

The trend continued through the ABC2 Newsroom launch in March 2015, with tweets of the image quickly becoming a meme.

The Honey Badgers’ image has also been used to promote the ABC3 news show in Melbourne, which is based on the series, and the ABC4 news show.

The ABC has apologised to Ms Kournkovic, and says the image has been removed from the network’s website and that the meme is now “hijacked” by other users.

Ms Kournakovic told… the message was very hurtful, very upsetting.

I’m sure it hurt a lot of people.

“But what the ABC is trying to do is make sure it’s very clear that this is not the work of a bad person.”

The ABC said it was aware of the meme’s spread and was working with the ABC to remove it.

“We have removed this image from our website and will be working closely with the authorities to remove this image,” it said in a statement.

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