“The most valuable thing you can have for Christmas” – the best honey in the world

The world’s most valuable honey crop, the world’s biggest food crop and the largest commodity in the global economy have all fallen under scrutiny in recent years, including one of the most politically sensitive.

In October 2015, the European Union banned exports of honey to the U.S. and its allies, following the deaths of two U.N. peacekeepers.

A year later, a U.K. court declared honey a national export, ruling it should be treated as such.

In a rare move, the EU last month lifted a ban on honey exports to the Philippines and Thailand, allowing it to resume sales to some customers.

In recent weeks, the country of Mexico has also been exporting its honey to Europe, including to the Netherlands and Spain, but the U-turn has triggered a backlash in Mexico and other nations where honey is considered an essential commodity.

In the Netherlands, honey has long been considered a symbol of culture and a symbol for the country’s rich history and traditional values.

A recent poll by the research company De Telegraaf found that nearly 70 percent of the public favored the export of honey from the country, up from 50 percent a year ago.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, the Netherlands government’s deputy agriculture minister said he believed the country could benefit from honey exports.

The Dutch are among the top honey producers in the EU, accounting for about a third of global production.

The EU’s honey exports are also considered the biggest in the continent, accounting at least in part for the bloc’s $17 billion-a-year economic growth.

The Netherlands has also become a hub for honey production in Asia, where honey prices are at record highs.

In 2014, the U,S.

Department of Agriculture issued new rules allowing honey exports in the United States.

In March, U. S. President Donald Trump lifted that ban, prompting the EU to ask the U.,S.

for permission to resume imports.

The EU said the request came in response to a complaint from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

The ban was revoked by the European Commission in April, after the European Parliament said it would not ratify it.

The Dutch government has yet to formally respond.

The government has said it will work to increase exports.

The Netherlands and the EU have also been pushing for a harmonized price for honey, as well as a rule to ensure that honey is produced from a single source.

The European Union, the United Nations and other countries have also pressed for the United states to adopt a rule requiring honey to be made from certified organic material.


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