Why the Flyers might have been better off staying home for Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final

With the Flyers down 1-0 to the New York Rangers, it’s time for the team to take a breather and relax.

After the Flyers lost Game 3 to the Pittsburgh Penguins, it seemed like there was no way they were going to win the Stanley War.

And while the Flyers may have lost Game 4, there are still some positives to take away from the loss.

The Flyers have been playing well, they have a playoff spot, and there is still a chance they could win the series.

Here are five reasons why the Flyers should have taken the trip out west and not stuck around for the series: 1.

They can’t afford to lose the series against the Pittsburgh franchise.

There’s a chance that the Flyers are going to get swept in the series, so why not make sure they’re ready for the next round?

The Flyers had a tough series against Pittsburgh last year and they still haven’t won a playoff series.

This is going to be a long series, but if the Flyers want to get back into the playoffs, they should get some wins in this series.


They have the talent to go through the playoffs and win the cup.

There are a lot of talented players on the Flyers roster.

They had some big names in Ryan Carter and Brayden Schenn, and some big name players in Ryan White and Brandon Manning.

They also have some young talent in Matt Read and Benoit Pouliot, but it’s not clear who’s going to fill out the roster.

There aren’t a lot to like about the Flyers, but this team is capable of going deep into the postseason and winning it all.


They’re going to have to go deep into it to win it.

The Philadelphia Flyers have a chance to win this series with a 3-0 series lead.

If the Flyers lose Game 5, they’ll have to win Game 6 to win a playoff berth.

The Penguins are also capable of taking a series off the Flyers.

They beat them last year in Game 4 and they’ll be ready to take advantage of this team’s inexperience.


They still have a lot going for them.

The Pens have been outscored 8-2 in Game 5.

The team hasn’t scored more than five goals in any of the games this series has been played.

The Pittsburgh Penguins have scored at least three goals in all four games this postseason.

They’ve also given up a lot.

If they can win two out of three games, the Flyers will be one win away from a playoff slot.


They might have to do something.

The Rangers have shown a lot during the first two games of the series that they’re not afraid to take risks.

The teams were even in the first game, and the Flyers did some early-game damage to the Rangers in Game 2.

But the Flyers have to be ready for any possible playoff run in the second game.

If Pittsburgh takes a series, the Penguins are going be the favorites to advance.

They just have to figure out how to play better.

The playoffs are just around the corner and there’s no better time to prepare.

Let’s hope that the Philadelphia Flyers are ready.


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