‘It’s like watching the sunrise’ as honey badgers go wild in California

Posted October 06, 2018 03:00:33 Honey badgers are roaming the hillsides of the San Joaquin Valley in the West and the hills of the Central Valley in California, and it’s causing a lot of confusion and a lot to talk about.

The badgers have been spotted in all three counties.

One of them was spotted in Riverside County on Monday, and a second was spotted on Tuesday.

Both were reported as dangerous and were taken to a wildlife refuge in Bakersfield, the Fresno Bee reported.

In addition, some people are wondering if it’s because the badgers started to attack the hives and the bees, or if they are just being fed a treat.

But some experts say the badger problem is far from over.

“The honey badging is an issue for them, because they can eat a lot,” said Mark Ritchie, who directs the California-based nonprofit wildlife conservation organization Friends of the Wild.

“But they’re still not a threat to honeybees.

There’s still an issue with them.”

It is not the first time the badges have come to light.

In June, California wildlife officials issued a “Honey Badger Alert” and urged people to avoid the area if they have a hive.

And earlier this year, a group of people in San Joaquina County were arrested after the county banned all new or rebuilt hives in the area.


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