Why honey is tattooing?

Honeybee tattoo artist and co-founder of HoneyGrove Tattoo Company, Kim St. John, says the idea for the tattoo was born from the desire to create something different to match her aesthetic.

St. Johns has been tattooing since she was a child.

But the desire for a different kind of tattoo came from her own childhood experiences, where she felt her mother’s tattoos were too repetitive and out of place.

When St. Joses tattoo was first started, it was a traditional tattoo with a red heart and a black and white heart.

After her mother passed away in 2003, the idea of a tattoo was in St.

John’s mind, and she decided to try something different.

St Johns tattoo has become a national phenomenon, and has become an institution in her family.

Her family has been using her artwork in all manner of business, including as a logo for their business, HoneyBee Tattoo, which specializes in hand-painted honey.

“The idea of being in this business and doing what I do is a passion,” she said.

I want you to feel comfortable. “

What I’m looking for is people who want a unique tattoo that you want to be proud of.

I want you to feel comfortable.

I wanted to make it something that really has your face out in the world.”

She also wants to show the world she is unique and special, and that is why she is creating a tattoo that will resonate with her clients.

St John says that most of her clients are either artists or creative people.

“They are like me, and they have different things in their life that they want to do.

I think it’s a very personal thing for them, and I want to let them know that it’s something that they will love.”

For St. Johnston, the first thing she wanted to achieve was to be seen as a true tattoo artist.

“It was really important to me to not just create something that would be something that I could sell, but something that will be a part of my identity,” she explained.

“If I could do that, that would make me feel like a real artist.

I really believe that I am an artist.

So I just wanted to create a piece of art that I can be proud to have on my body.”

As a tattoo artist, St.

Joes unique approach to creating a unique product and a unique look is what has allowed her to create such a large and successful business.

“To be honest, I never had any idea of what I was going to create until I started,” St. Joes said.

StJohns passion for art and her love of art are the reasons she has created so many unique pieces of art.

“My biggest inspiration is my grandmother,” St Johns said.

The artist is also a certified tattooist.

She has worked at local tattoo studios and in tattoo parlors, and her passion for tattoos is something that is still evident in her tattoos.

“Her tattoos are so unique, and you see them everywhere.

It’s something you have to see,” St John said.

While St.

Jo’s tattoos are not very specific, she does keep a small amount of information about each tattoo.

“Some of them are just a little bit different,” she admitted.

“But the majority of them you will recognize.

There are a lot of different ones.”

Some of the designs she creates have become iconic.

StJoes tattoos have included “I Love Honey Bee,” “I’m So Sweet Honey Bee” and “A-Ha Honey Bee.”

Some are just fun, like “Honey Bee, You Can’t Be Mine,” and some are more elaborate, like the “Hooahh Honey Bee and Baby Honey Bee with a Heart.”

All of her tattoos have been created to reflect St Johns own personality, and also her passion and appreciation for bees.

St Joes is currently creating more artwork.

“Hearing that I do a tattoo every day is just a sign of how passionate I am about bees,” she stated.

“Being a bee is just another part of me that I never knew existed.”

Her passion for bees has also been reflected in her designs.

“We’ve always had a lot in common.

I love to grow flowers and we both like to make our own,” she laughed.

“And I love bees, and honey, and the bees.

I am just so passionate about bees.”


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