The Honey Girl Who Got the Beekeeper Fired

The Honey Boy who was fired for having a honey collection and having a beekeeper.

(Image credit: The Hindu)The Honey Girl who got the beekeeper fired for being a honey collector and having his beekeeper firing back.

(Source: The Hindustan Times)In a story about the beekeeping industry in India, The Hindu has revealed that the Honey Boy, a 25-year-old, was fired after being caught in the act of collecting honey from the hive of a beekeepers’ colony, where he was a part of.

The beekeepers were in a competition to attract more honey and so, one of them asked the boy to collect honey from their colony, and after some persuasion, the boy agreed to it.

He was then fired.

The boy was not the only one who got a blow: the Honey Girl, who is also a bee keeper, was also fired after the same incident.

The beekeepers, who were not identified, were not allowed to collect any honey from any hive without their permission.

According to a report by the Times of India, the hive owner was told that the boy was guilty of violating the beekeepers agreement and would be punished with a hefty fine.

The boy was also told that he would have to take part in a honey collecting class, and that if he didn’t attend, he would be thrown out of the hive.


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