How to get more sleep with these amazing honey highlights recipes

Honey, as we all know, is the ultimate sleep food.

And it’s the perfect sweetener for the summer.

It can be sweetened with simple honey and maple syrup, or with honey-flavored sweeteners like Stevia or honey-butter, or it can be added to other foods like yogurt and butter.

These are just a few of the amazing honey-based recipes that have been making the rounds on the internet lately.

Here are a few more options to try if you’re on the hunt for a healthier alternative.

Honey Almond Bread With Honey and Almond Butter (Baked Alaska) This Almond bread is delicious with any honey- or almond-flavoured bread or snack.

Almond butter is a perfect sweetening option for this loaf, which is topped with a sweet and savory honey-and-almond butter combination.

Honey and almond butter can be used in many other recipes too, so check out the recipes below to find out how.

Honey-and Almond Cheese Cake with Honey and Pecans (Mama’s Kitchen) Honey- and almond-based cheese cakes are super easy to make.

Just whisk together the honey and almond milk, and add a few pecans.

This honey- and pecan-based cake is perfect for summer, or even when you’re not feeling so fancy.

Honey Sweet and Sour Lemonade (Cooking for Life) This sweet and sour lemonade is so easy to prepare.

Use any honey or almond milk to make a sweetened, sweetened lemonade, and mix it with fresh lemon juice.

It’s the ideal drink for a hot day.

Honey, honey-sweetened vanilla ice cream (Alaska Bites) This ice cream is a delicious way to use honey, almond milk and sugar to make something more flavorful.

Add a few slices of fresh lemon, honey and vanilla ice creams to your ice cream and enjoy!

Honey-Almond Chocolate Cupcakes with Honey Buttercream (Moms Kitchen) Use honey-almonds to make the perfect cupcakes.

This sweetened chocolate cupcake recipe is one of our favorite ideas.

It uses the honey-soaked almonds as a base, and the buttercream is added in between to give the cupcakes a hint of sweetness.

Honey Cinnamon Roll (Mom’s Kitchen, Vegan Kitchen) This recipe makes just a small batch of cinnamon rolls, so it’s great for a quick breakfast or a snack.

Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl and use it as a batter for a chocolate chip cinnamon roll.

Honey Gingerbread (Cooks Illustrated) These Gingerbread bars are super simple to make with honey.

Simply mix the honey, cinnamon and ginger in a saucepan and heat until the honey is dissolved and the ginger is starting to soften.

Then add the ginger-mint sauce, and enjoy.

Honey Chocolate Pudding (Cook’s Illustrated) Use this chocolate pudding recipe to make an easy, nutritious breakfast or dessert.

Just make sure to use a good quality brand of sugar-free chocolate pudding (we prefer the homemade version from Sweet & Savory).

You can also add a pinch of baking powder to make this more chocolatey.

Honey Honey and Maple Syrup (Cook & Me) Honey and maple-based honey is an excellent alternative to sweetened honey.

Add some honey to your honey and use to make your favorite honey-y treats.

Use this honey-sugar syrup recipe to add to smoothies, cakes, muffins or anything else you want to use.

Honey Banana Bread with Honey Almonds (Bacon and Honey) Honey almond bread can be made in a few different ways.

Use a mixture of honey, maple syrup and maple butter to make bread with the honey almond, or add it to a traditional banana bread.

Or try using the honey as a filling in a muffin batter.

Honey Nut Bread (Cook and Me) Add honey to a nut-based bread for a simple treat.

Or use the honey to make coconut-nut bread, or use it to make sweet potato bread.

Honey Muffins with Honey & Almonds Buttercream or Maple Syrups (Cooky Mama) Use a combination of honey and almonds to make these muffins.

The honey is a great sweetener, so you can add more honey to the recipe for an even sweeter muffin.

This recipe is also a good choice if you want a quick and easy breakfast.

Honey Pudding or Muffin with Honey Mixture (Cookish Mom) This homemade pudding recipe is perfect when you want something that’s quick and sweet.

Add in a cup of sweetened coconut milk to the mixture, and let it cook for about 15 minutes to incorporate the coconut milk.

Then mix it into the muffin to create a rich and creamy pudding.

Honey & Honey Lemonade with Honey Sugar (Cook for Life, Vegan) Honey sweetened Lemonade is a wonderful treat to make on the go.

Simply blend a few drops of honey


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