‘Honey sticks are not safe’: UK scientists warn of ‘fearful’ impact

The UK has warned of a “fearfull” effect from the use of honey sticks and honey bars.

The UK Food Standards Agency said it had received reports of people being allergic to honey and it had also been told there was concern about honey bars being linked to allergies in children.

In a statement, the FSA said it was not aware of any research linking honey to allergies.

However, it said the use “is a common household practice and the Food Standards Authority does not have any evidence to support the belief that it causes an increased risk of allergic reaction”.

“If you are allergic to the ingredients of honey, the chances of developing a reaction to it are small and it may be safe for you to consume the mixture,” it said.

“The FSA has received reports that honey is potentially unsafe to eat.”

The FSA said there were also concerns about the “honey and spice” products, such as honey bars, which were being sold in the UK.

“There is a growing concern that the spice and honey products, including the honey sticks, are potentially unsafe for use in food or cosmetics,” the statement said.

“It is not yet clear whether any risks associated with these products are comparable to the risk of exposure to food-borne illness from food products.”

However, further research is needed to better understand the potential risks associated.

“The Food Standards Institute said it did not believe the honey products posed a risk to consumers, as it did “not contain any toxic or carcinogenic compounds”.”

The safety of the products is not a concern,” it added.

The FSA statement added: “If you have been exposed to the products or have a history of allergic reactions to the honey, spice or honey, it is safe to consume them.

The FSA will continue to monitor the use and safety of these products.

“In October, a new product called Honeystix was launched to combat the allergy symptoms that have been reported by some people.

The FDA has warned that honey may be harmful to your health and that people who are allergic should seek medical advice before consuming the product.

In the statement, Dr Andrew Marder, an allergist at the Royal College of Allergy and Asthma, said: “The honey and spice products contain some ingredients that may be toxic and potentially carcinogenic.”

The most common adverse reactions have been to eczema, hay fever and hay fever, and these are also associated with an increased sensitivity to pollen and other allergens.”

These products are potentially harmful for some people, and they should seek advice from a doctor before consuming them.”‘

They contain no toxic or dangerous substances. “

Honey bars are made of honey.

They contain no toxic or dangerous substances.

They are therefore safe for people to consume,” the FSA statement said


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