Why did the Honey Girl get blonde hair?

TUPELO honey cafe is now a hair salon with a hair stylist and a hair coach, as the popular honey blonde hair trend continues to thrive in the Irish capital.

The cafe is one of several across the country that have become hotbeds for the hair trend.

The business is popular with young people, with some going so far as to ask for their hair to be styled by the salon.

TUPELA, which means ‘favourite’ in Spanish, is located at the intersection of O’Connell Street and the O’Reilly Bridge, just a few minutes from the Irish parliament.

It was established in the early 20th century and now has a branch on O’Rourke Street.

It is owned by the family of the late Dr George O’Sullivan, a surgeon and pioneer in the hair treatment industry.

Dr O’ Sullivan died in January, leaving behind his family, but TUPELS owners are still hoping to bring back his legacy.TUPELS has a dedicated clientele of young people who want to have their hair done by the team.

The salon is also home to the latest hair trends, including a hairstylist who specializes in the treatment of straight hair, as well as a hair doctor, who is also a specialist in the hairstyle.

One of the key elements to success at TUPels is the clientele.

The salon also caters for tourists, with a wide range of options for those wanting to visit the town for a quick dip.

Tupelo is famous for its beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, with beautiful beaches and views of the sea.

The business opened in December 2016, and its aim is to cater for the interests of its customers, particularly for young people.

“We try to cater to a younger clientele, we try to appeal to people that want to take part in the trend,” said the salon’s owner, Rosie McEwen.

“We cater to the younger generation, people who have a sense of adventure, want to do something different, want something that’s different, something that doesn’t have the same old look that you have in your neighbourhood.

I think the beauty of the place is that we cater to young people and it’s a very positive place to be.”

The honey blonde trend has also been gaining popularity in the UK, with many women and girls going on Instagram to share their photos of their own hair style.

“I think that it’s very important to look to see the trend is spreading,” said Ms McEwan.

It really does help to bring people together and hopefully that’s what it is.”


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