What happens when the Obama-Trump deal falls apart?

The Obama-era TPP, which includes the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), was supposed to bring in the Asia trade powerhouse of China and set the stage for a new era of global trade.

But with the deal falling apart in Congress and President Donald Trump’s administration threatening to tear it up, it looks like the Trump administration’s plan will have to be modified in the next few weeks.

The president has been working on his own version of the TPP, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which will likely have the same goal as the TPP: to revive trade negotiations.

The goal is to rework the deal in a way that allows the U.S. to remain a top TPP partner, while giving the Asian countrys a chance to compete with the U,S.

and other countries.

While some lawmakers in both parties have voiced concerns about the TPP as it is now, the Trump White House has been adamant that the TPP will remain in place and the TPP is just a political ploy.

That means Trump can sign the TPA without changing any aspects of the trade deal, which was passed by Congress in December with bipartisan support and would allow for an expedited path for trade deals between the U of S and China.

That has made TPP negotiations an important part of Trump’s campaign, and a key part of his campaign promises to make America great again.

He has repeatedly said that TPP was the reason why he lost the popular vote in 2016, and even though it was not his signature policy achievement, he used the deal as an opportunity to win re-election.

The deal was also a key factor in the collapse of the Trump presidency, as he was forced to deal with the aftermath of the deadly riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer.

As Trump left office, he vowed to “make America great once again,” and that message has been echoed by the White House in recent weeks.

But while he has repeatedly made his goal to revive TPP a top priority, Trump has not made any major changes to the TAA, or the TPP in particular, since taking office.

The Trump administration is planning to use the TPP and TPA to negotiate a deal that will be the centerpiece of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as well as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP-A), a trade agreement that is expected to be signed in July.

The TPP-A is expected, as well, to include an agreement that will give a major boost to the U’s efforts to compete in the Asian economy and create jobs in the U., especially in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries.

The administration has been pushing the TPP-As, as they are referred to by the trade negotiators, to be the next big deal and the first in a series of big trade deals.

But it has also been accused of being a “Trojan horse” in the talks that could result in China or Vietnam getting more concessions from the U while the U is still negotiating a deal with China.

Trump has said that the deal will be a “gold standard” for free trade, but there is still some uncertainty as to what will happen in the negotiations.

According to the White National Committee on Economic Security (WNECES), a pro-TPP group, the TPP was not in the top 10 most important issues when it came to the trade talks and there are some concerns about how the TDA will be used.

But according to the WNECES, TPP has been the most important issue when it comes to the TPP talks.

And according to one report, the Obama administration has asked for the TPP to be included in the TPP negotiations, but the Trump team has been unwilling to include it in the process.

The White House says it is working with the administration of Vietnam and China on a trade deal.

The WNeces also claims that the administration has proposed a plan that would allow the U to negotiate with other TPP members and will likely include the TPP.

The U.N. Economic Commission on Asia has also said that it will take a look at the TPP if it gets an opportunity.

So far, the White house has not given any details on the TPP deal, but it is expected that the trade negotiations will continue with the aim of bringing it up for a vote in Congress this year.

The trade deal has been viewed as a major win for China and Vietnam, which both have huge economies.

China has been trying to expand its trade in goods and services, while Vietnam is trying to build its own economy through its state-owned enterprises, or SOEs.

It is the third time that the Obama White House, which had promised the TPP would be the gold standard of trade deals, has failed to get it through Congress.

This is the first time that China and the U have failed to reach an agreement on a major trade deal in decades.

TPP was originally supposed to be announced as the centerpiece for a major


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