How to avoid manuka bloom damage

A manuka farmer has warned the United States that a rare but severe manuka disease outbreak could hit a key market before Christmas.

The outbreak has caused food prices to soar in some areas and is affecting U.S. exports to Europe, a key trade partner.

It has been blamed on the manuka plant, which is native to Australia and Papua New Guinea, but the fungus can grow on almost any plant and is also found in wild and cultivated species.

The United States and European Union say they have not detected any new cases of the fungus.

Manuka honey is the top selling honey in the U.K. and the second-most popular honey in Canada, according to industry reports.

The manuka outbreak has triggered warnings about the honey supply in Europe.

In Europe, demand has fallen and prices have fallen.

A recent report from the European Commission warned that European honey producers could lose up to 90 percent of their production.

U.S.-based manuka expert Kevin Lutz, who is also an assistant professor of agricultural and environmental sciences at Virginia Tech, said that the outbreak has hit the honey market as well as the U and Canadian markets.

“We are seeing that the manacas supply chain is disrupted.

There is a lot of uncertainty.

It could impact our supply chain as well,” Lutz said.

Lutz said that as manuka fever spreads, honey prices could spike as much as $2 a pound.

That could be devastating to honey producers in Australia and New Zealand, which have already seen a steep drop in honey prices.

Lutz added that honey prices in Europe are also expected to increase.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization has issued a global alert warning of the mania and a new outbreak is forecast for December.

The alert also warns that manuka is spreading across the world and that the virus can infect anyone, regardless of whether they are a farmer or a consumer.

The warning comes on the heels of the European Union warning that a new manuka infection could be transmitted to humans in Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Romania.

Lukasman, the man in the video, said his company will be sending more shipments of manuka oil into the United Kingdom, where he said that his company had a total of 1,200 cases of manacos disease.

Luzasman said that a lot more needs to be done to control the disease and get people to take precautions.


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