Jack Daniels has a new honey trap!

Jack Daniels’ honey trap has been a big hit in recent years.

The company released its first honey trap last week.

Now, the company has expanded its honey trap into a new kind of honey trap.

The new honey traps are designed to trap honey bees.

They come in three different flavors.

One is made of a white ceramic.

It’s a kind of plastic that’s supposed to be used in honey traps, according to the company.

It can trap the bees that are pollinating the plants.

The other two flavors are made of glass.

They are supposed to trap the bee that is pollinating plants that aren’t a honey plant. 

In the new flavor, the honey is trapped by the glass, and the glass is made up of copper, and then the honey that is trapped is actually trapped by copper. 

There’s a little bit of a risk with these types of traps, but they do work.

The honey traps were designed to help farmers with the problem of bee losses. 

“This is something that has a lot of potential to be really helpful for beekeepers,” said Kevin D. O’Malley, vice president of business development and acquisitions at Honeytrap.

“There are people that would like to have a hive that’s always going and producing honey, and that’s just not possible with conventional hives.”

The new honey products have been tested in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, New York, and Virginia. “

So it’s definitely a good solution for people who would like a hive they can keep the bees.” 

The new honey products have been tested in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, New York, and Virginia.

It is not yet clear whether they will make it into the United States, though the company said it is working with other companies to find a way to ship the products.


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