How to prevent allergies to honey

The honey allergy affects nearly one in five Indians, according to a recent survey.

The study, conducted by the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD), found that almost 3,000 people in the country were allergic to honey, which can be produced by honeybees, but most of them are allergic to other ingredients in the product.

The NCIRD said it found the prevalence of allergy was highest in the southern state of Karnataka, where it found about 10% of the population was allergic to the honey.

This is in contrast to Kerala, which had the lowest rate of allergy prevalence.

Honey allergies are common in the south and northern states, but are most prevalent in the north.

The state where the survey was conducted had the highest prevalence of allergic reactions among the states.

According to the NCIRS, honey allergy prevalence varies widely depending on the country of origin.

In the US, where honey is made from sugar cane, allergic reactions are rare.

In Europe, the allergy is rare, but there is a rise in allergies among people living in Russia.

In India, it is common, and allergy prevalence among the general population is relatively low.

The prevalence of allergies in India ranges from 3% to 8%.

The NCIRDS report said there are about 20 million honeybees in India, and there are approximately 5,000 beekeepers.


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