How to make the best of the best in honey

Best manuka butter and honey are the best choices to make at your next meal, according to experts who have been studying the food and drink.

When it comes to the honey component of manuka oil, the experts believe it comes in the form of a thick, dense, and viscous substance.

Its not the honey itself that gives the butter its special flavour but rather the high concentration of the oil, which creates a thick butter-like paste when heated, according the experts.

“If you are a honey lover, you know that the more you add to the oil and honey mixture, the more flavour you get,” Dr. Mark Smith, a professor of nutritional sciences at the University of South Australia, told HuffPost Australia.

“There is a natural reaction, and we know that with more oil, you get a stronger flavour.” 

When you add honey to manuka, you are adding flavour and aroma.

Dr Smith added that honey was more easily absorbed through the mucus membranes of the mouth than with butter, and it was only when the honey and butter were mixed in the mouth that the two substances could bond.

“The two are essentially the same, but the honey comes through the mouth and the butter comes through,” Dr Smith said.

While there is some debate about whether manuka is more healthy than butter, Dr Smith told HuffPost that the difference was that butter has less saturated fat and cholesterol, which is a major contributor to heart disease.

“If we want to make sure we get a good balance between saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol and the rest of the nutrients in the food, we need to have butter and manuka,” he said.

Dr Smith also said that the manuka was a natural source of vitamins B12 and B12-rich compounds, and that the fat from the manukas fat and water content can help protect against diseases such as osteoporosis.

“It’s probably the safest food in the world,” he told HuffPost.

With a variety of health benefits to be found in manuka food, you might even be surprised to learn that the food is often used to make a number of other products, such as tea, coffee and wine.


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