What’s next for the Honeypot?

Honey pot company Honeypot is now selling the first ever Honeypot, a product that lets you buy and sell honey without having to pay a bank.

This is the latest move in a long-term strategy to make it easier for the general public to buy and consume honey, as well as for people who do business in Canada to purchase and sell it.

(The company says it’s the first product to offer its customers “an easy-to-use, secure way to buy honey.”)

“Honeypot is the only online store that allows customers to make and sell their own honey, which makes it easier to buy locally and at home,” says Honeypot CEO Ryan Crescenzo.

“This product makes it possible for us to help our customers sell and buy their own Honey, while also giving us an opportunity to build relationships with Canadians.”

The company started selling Honeypot products in April of last year, and it has since had more than 400,000 orders.

The product is available for purchase through its website and by calling 800-422-2750, or through the company’s phone number.

It is a great way to sell Honeypot to people who don’t have a bank account or are unable to make payments online, because the company doesn’t require any credit cards to buy products, or to receive any products.

You can also order a Honeypot by going to Honeypot.ca, entering your PIN and entering your account information, then you’ll receive a shipping confirmation.

You also can email [email protected] and request a product order.

“Hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and even the CEO of a major international brand like Apple have long been attracted to our product,” says Crescento.

“The more people who are buying our products, the more demand we’re seeing for Honeypot.”

The Honeypot product also offers a few other perks, including the ability to store up to 40 pounds of honey and up to three gallons of honey.

The company says that the HoneyPot also is a good alternative to other honey products like honey jars and other jars with the ability for honey to be transported in a variety of ways.

Crescanzo says the honeypot is being developed in partnership with local growers and they are “really excited to partner with Honeypot on the honey market”.

“We’ve made it simple to buy, sell, and consume Honeypot,” says the company.

“And we’ve made sure that we’ve built in the best privacy controls to protect your privacy and keep your honey safe.”


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