Why the world is getting sick with eczemas: Honey face mask

The World Health Organization has identified a strain of the herpes virus causing widespread illness in the Americas.The virus was first identified in Haiti and Puerto Rico in 2009, but it has spread rapidly to Mexico, the Caribbean and the U.S. mainland.The new strain has now been identified in the states of California, New York,Read More

When Honey App is the New Applebee’s Honey Extractor

Honey extractor?Honey extract?It’s a thing, Honey App!This app, which has a lot of potential in the marijuana industry, has finally been officially announced by the company.It’s going to be called Honey Extract, and it will allow users to extract cannabis and other plants from their favorite flower.And because of its very limited functionality, this willRead More

Honey garlic sauce recipe

Honey garlic, the popular ingredient in garlic sauce in the US, has been on the rise lately and the trend is not going away.The ingredient has also gained popularity in the UK, Canada, Australia and the UK.Here’s how to make the garlic sauce for a delicious shrimp dish.Honey garlic shrimp recipe Honey garlic is aRead More

When did the honey badgers come?

As the US presidential election gets underway, the bees are being looked at as a potential swing vote, with polls showing the honey bees as a strong voting block for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.But why is honey bee populations dropping so rapidly?And why do some beekeepers say their populations have been growing sinceRead More

Which honey-filled treats are in your holiday budget?

Honey Bun, Honey Bun Honey, Honey Bakery, Honey Cookies, Honey Bars, Honey Tea, Honey Nut Crumble, Honey Taffy, Honey Sugar Cookies, and Honey-Baked Doughnuts are the four basic ingredients of the Honey Hut Holiday Basket.Honey Bakeries also have a collection of different sweet treats like a Honey Nut Bread Cake, Honey Honey Bread, and more.ThereRead More

Why did the Honey Boy movie end?

The end of Honey Boy was a bit bittersweet for many, with many fans and critics alike still lamenting the film’s final moments.“Honey Boy” star Aaron Paul, who had been hoping to film his part of the iconic sci-fi adventure on the silver screen for over a decade, was one of those people.“I just hadRead More

How to make your own honey balaya at home

The balaya is an Indian condiment made with honey and is often served with vegetables and rice.It’s typically made with fermented soy sauce, honey, ginger, and chilli, and is traditionally made with milk and a mix of sweet, sour, and salty vegetables.However, in the past few years, a new generation of Indian cooks have beenRead More


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